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Heroes Invest is a young FinTech, where Professional Heroes create a unique way to revolutionize the investment market.

Experienced heroes will contribute in an original way providing unique results with quality.

Heroes Invest is looking for Professional Heroes to work in the following areas:

Technical Area: Encompasses professionals working in the investment and finance areas. Composed of Educators, Instructors, Mentors, as well as Professional Investors. The hiring of Heroes Technicians professionals occurs regularly to customer that completed the Heroes Program, via invitation to work at Heroes Capital, but there are exceptions for experienced professionals with proven results.

Health Area: They are Psychologists, Coaches, Nutritionists, Physical Education professionals, etc that are able to assist our customer to improve their quality of life

Technology Area: Professionals with experience in the MERN stack, NextJS, HTML5, CSS, Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are in the most demand today.

Administrative Area: Marketing, SEO, Social Media and Product Managers are in the most demand at the moment.

All opportunities are for remote work, with very few exceptions. We prefer professionals from all areas with previous experience in investments.

We are currently not hiring new professional Heroes. However, if you believe you are the perfect fit to join the Heroes Team, please fill in the contact form below.

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