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Heroes Invest is a FinTech specialized in developing technologies, processes, tools and all support needed to form Professional Investors.

The company was founded by two investors and traders, Saulo and Vivian, who, in addition to their experience in the financial market, bring experiences and knowledge that facilitated the creation of the company.

Interested in investments since 2001, we did it like everyone else who enters the financial market; that is, in an undisciplined, inconsistent and unprofessional way. In 2016, we returned to the financial market with a new and professional way; always seeking knowledge and effective and efficient ways for greater financial returns.

Saulo is an investor and trader, with experience in people and process management, a degree in computer science and a MBA in International Management. His experience with Technology enabled the creation of Heroes products. As a trader, Saulo trades IND and DOL and prefers long trades (M60 and 1D) with Price Action style but supported by Volume and Aggression indicators. As an investor, he primarily operates the S&P 500 e-mini, swing and position trading in CME and NYSE assets.

Vivian is a trader, Clinical Psychologist specialized in serving Traders and Investors, with a post-secondary degree in people management. Her humanized experience helped in the creation of the company's processes and services. As a trader, Vivian prefers DOL and Stocks in short trades (M5 and M15) and uses Technical Analysis, Price Action and Renko Charts.

Heroes Invest grew out of the need noted by the founders when they assisting a distinct group of traders to improve their performance and achieve better results as traders. Through many meetings and conversations with this group, we realized that this monitoring model is a necessity in the market and that it is a unique model. This service will help people interested in the financial market to become Professional Investors. This group played a very important part in the inspiration for the company.

Some of the needs observed go beyond courses and techniques, consisting of the entire process for professional growth, including psychological and emotional support, management, self-knowledge and specialized tools to help investors becoming professionals.

Heroes Invest is composed by five areas: Education, Care, Performance, Tech and Capital, and they were thought and designed to be completely interconnected.

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