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Performance Innovation
Heroes Tech is focused on technological solutions and intellectual property management. The technologies and products allow investors to keep integrated records of their financial markets activities for immediate use, via artificial intelligence, or for future performance analysis.
Our tools allow investors to analyze problems and identify solutions more quickly. Making use of you investment records, investors will be able to access rehearsed simulations, risk estimation and optimize their trading systems, and therefore, their future results.


Heroes Invest areas are designed to complement and integrate with each other. This gives you a better view of your development journey and how to achieve better results.
Some examples of integration with our other areas are:
  • Education: Through the information generated, our artificial intelligence models, with the approval of your mentor, will suggest the best courses and programs to improve your performance.
  • Performance: Through our Integrated Systems, it is possible to create and update a custom detailed Trading Plan based on the exchange information between areas, improving you effectivity and performance.
  • Capital: Heroes Capital Professionals have access to our systems keeping their investment records and generating analyze in order to sustain their best results.
  • ... And many other integrations.

Why ?

By carrying out simulations, it will be possible for you to have a comprehensive understanding of how to improve your strategies and overall performance.
Acquire our complete, integrated and innovative solutions in order to obtain this understanding and results.

Heroes Program
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Heroes Invest offers the "Heroes Program", a Professional Investors Program which has an estimated duration of 24 months and which delivers the best and most modern tools and techniques for your personal development as an Investor.
The Program will be tailored specifically for you. On your journey through this Program, you will be able to create a complete Trading Plan from scratch - with support and monitoring from our expert professionals throughout the process - including supporting in choosing the best Technical Courses, Psychological Support, Coaching, Health and Wellbeing Professionals, and our Proprietary Products, Tools and Integrated Systems.
* Registration opening soon
Heroes Program Logo
Main Product:
Tax Slips Calculation
Tax Slips Calculation

Every situation in our lives are based on feelings and emotions, which influence their attitudes and decision making. Investors experience a very wide range of emotions in short periods of time when they are trading in the financial market.

The emotional checklist tool is a way of noticing these emotions during your performance in the market. Allowing you to record these emotions when they appear, and later analyze what your cycle of emotions was during your performance.

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