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Your well-being is important
Professional Investors are always acting at the edge of stress, pressure and quick decision-making; that constantly results in losses, emotional pain and behaviors incompatible with what is required of them.
Heroes Care is focused on guiding and assisting all aspects related to the physical, emotional, behavioral and psychological well-being of professional investors. Through our products, services and processes developed for your personal improvement emerge an increase in quality of life and by consequence, an improvements in results.


Heroes Invest areas are designed to complement and integrate with each other. This gives you a better view of your development journey and how to achieve better results.
Some examples of integration with our other areas are:
  • Education: Care allows you to be more accurate in choosing the right path for your improvement.
  • Performance: Through Integrated Systems, it is possible to exchange information with your Mentor, so your performance is more effective.
  • Capital: Heroes Capital's Professionals Investors regularly use our support to maintain their best results.
  • ... And many other integrations.

Why ?

These psychological adjustments allow for greater clarity and understanding, facilitating the use of our tools and products for further development of your self-knowledge, which is directly related to your professional growth.
Acquire Heroes Care Products and enjoy our specialized psychological support for investors - including psychologists, coaching, physical education and health professionals - all for your well-being.
Also, consider joining our Heroes Program for a complete journey to a Professional Investor career!

Heroes Program
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Heroes Invest offers the "Heroes Program", a Professional Investors Program which has an estimated duration of 24 months and which delivers the best and most modern tools and techniques for your personal development as an Investor.
The Program will be tailored specifically for you. On your journey through this Program, you will be able to create a complete Trading Plan from scratch - with support and monitoring from our expert professionals throughout the process - including supporting in choosing the best Technical Courses, Psychological Support, Coaching, Health and Wellbeing Professionals, and our Proprietary Products, Tools and Integrated Systems.
* Registration opening soon
Heroes Program Logo
Main Products:

Affirmations are positive sentences and thoughts that are used to help changing behaviors and mental patterns to achieve better performance. Several surveys claim that all successful traders use phrases like these with positive effects to remember certain characteristics necessary to operate in the market, with the objective of maintaining a positive focus, protection against the effects of stress, difficulties and better performance.

Investors can use this tool to create and edit their playlist of statements according to their needs, as well as use it at different times of their day by repeating these phrases, either during their daily preparation, or during their performance in the market, or during your spare time or when sleeping for an investor trains your brain to reinforce positive thoughts and to improve performance as an investor.

Trading Journal
Trading Journal

This tool used in the process of improving your results and improving your performance.

In the Trading Journal you describe how your trades happened, results, your feelings and behaviors during the trade.

With this product, you will be able to evaluate your performance and observe unsatisfactory aspects in your behavior.

Emotional Checklist
Emotional Checklist

Every situation in our lives are based on feelings and emotions, which influence their attitudes and decision making. Investors experience a very wide range of emotions in short periods of time when they are trading in the financial market.

The emotional checklist tool is a way of noticing these emotions during your performance in the market. Allowing you to record these emotions when they appear, and later analyze what your cycle of emotions was during your performance.

Self-Knowledge Tools
Self-Knowledge Tools

Heroes Care provides many tools to help investors improve their self-knowledge.

These tools encompass situations from different areas of your life that directly influence your performance as investors.

Situations such as worries, stress, compulsion and other behaviors that can harm your results as an investor.

The tools enable investors to assess and understand their behavior and thoughts, and how these impair your development.

Acquire self-knowledge tools to improve your understanding of your profile and to be able to overcome behaviors that interfere with your results.

Mental Structure Assessment
Mental Structure Assessment

Everyone has unwanted thoughts.

Often these thoughts get in the way of what we have to do.

Many times, those thought won't help in our investing performance.

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