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Mental Structure Assessment

Taking control of my own Ideas

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Everyone has unwanted thoughts.
Often these thoughts get in the way of what we have to do.
Many times, those thought won't help in our investing performance.
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All Heroes Invest products are designed to complement and integrate with each other. This gives you a better view of the development journey and how to achieve your expected results.
Some examples of Trading Journal integration are:
  • Mentoring (Performance): Used by you and your Mentor to bring a more effective performance, facilitating improvement of your behavior, through changes in your focus and your thoughts.
  • Prop Trading (Capital): Heroes Capital's Professionals use this tool for support and to stay emotionally focused to achieve their best results.
  • ... And many other integrations.
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Why ?

This tool you will allow you to exercise your focus and train your thoughts with exercises to improve your focus and get better performance through pattern recognition that can be discussed in depth in psychological sessions or in consultation with your coach.
Acquire this tool now through Heroes Care to aid the process of self-awareness and emotional support.
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Heroes Program
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Heroes Invest offers the "Heroes Program", a Professional Investors Program which has an estimated duration of 24 months and which delivers the best and most modern tools and techniques for your personal development as an Investor.
The Program will be tailored specifically for you. On your journey through this Program, you will be able to create a complete Trading Plan from scratch - with support and monitoring from our expert professionals throughout the process - including supporting in choosing the best Technical Courses, Psychological Support, Coaching, Health and Wellbeing Professionals, and our Proprietary Products, Tools and Integrated Systems.
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