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Monte Carlo Simulation

Simulating my Future!

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Monte Carlo Simulation allows you to run millions of simulations based on your trades or backtests.
It is possible to view consecutive results, losses and gains, including graphical views.
All this information will allow you to have a much more detailed and specific Trading Plan.
You can also make adjustments to your system and financial risk for better long-term results.
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All Heroes Invest products are designed to complement and integrate with each other. This gives you a better view of the development journey and how to achieve your expected results.
Some examples of Trading Plan integration are:
  • Mentoring (Performance): Mentors can help professionals with content suggestions to improve their knowledge by analyzing the results obtained in their simulations in the case of theory and/or operating system defacing.
  • Psychological Sessions (Care): Through our integrated systems, it is possible, when necessary, to share information with your Psychologists to get assistance to make changes and work your emotions for personal improvement.
  • ... And many other integrations.
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Why ?

Acquire this tool so, through simulations, you will have a better understanding of your Trading System and will be able to fine-tune your Trading Plan and your Finances according to the results obtained.
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Heroes Program
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Heroes Invest offers the "Heroes Program", a Professional Investors Program which has an estimated duration of 24 months and which delivers the best and most modern tools and techniques for your personal development as an Investor.
The Program will be tailored specifically for you. On your journey through this Program, you will be able to create a complete Trading Plan from scratch - with support and monitoring from our expert professionals throughout the process - including supporting in choosing the best Technical Courses, Psychological Support, Coaching, Health and Wellbeing Professionals, and our Proprietary Products, Tools and Integrated Systems.
* Registration opening soon
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